Sonic Frontiers: Everything you need to know

A first look at Sonic Frontiers, shown exclusively at The Game Awards, gave fans a better idea of what to expect from the title. In case the assassination of Sonic himself wasn’t enough to mess you up, there’s always murder of a young girl in the “Shadow the Hedgehog” spin-off to make you feel strange while playing a “Sonic” game. After being defeated by Sonic, Eggman falls into the heavily populated city known as Station Square — a location filled with skyscrapers, amusement parks, and family homes. When it appears as if all hope is lost for the villain, he launches a nuclear missile in the full knowledge that its explosion would not only kill millions of innocent people, but also take himself out. And yet, Eggman appears to completely accept this fate and see it as a reasonable reaction to what has happened.

  • Sonic Boom seems to be that pivotal moment where that multi-faceted sense of diversity in gameplay is finally able to enter Sonic’s universe.
  • By 1992, SEGA controlled 65% of the 16-bit console market, an astounding accomplishment given the fact that Nintendo didn’t even consider SEGA a worthy competitor just a few years prior.
  • On paper, a greatest-hits collection of past Sonic stages should be a cheap gimmick.
  • Includes Sonic the Hedgehog The Screen Saver along with the games.

If we count that as Sonic’s birth date and count forward to now, that would make Sonic and his series 31 years old. It’s already been quite some time, long enough that the Sonic franchise is older than many of the people who now consume Sonic content. But there’s also the matter of the age of Sonic, the character, who doesn’t seem to age as the series goes on. If he did, he’d probably be having himself something of a mid-life crisis at this point.

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Sega’s response to this was to release an enhanced port of Sonic 3D Blast for the Saturn. The size of the game was just one of several challenges M2 faced. Every time Sonic smashes into a gross, intrusive metal contraption and destroys it, an adorable bunny or other forest critter is set free.

You can navigate and explore with ease in each of the game’s areas and if you want to zip around on the various contraptions littered about the landscape, then you can do that too. SegaThat’s the key point here, Sonic Frontiers is all about exploration. While all the bounce switches and guide rails are all over the place, they are entirely optional for the most part and are there to help you cross areas quicker and to generally have fun. Sonic’s arsenal is also a lot more comprehensive this time around, with all manner of unlockable attacks at your disposal. Not to mention all the upgrades you can subject Sonic to, from increasing your speed to also your ring capacity, as well as your defense and attack power. The main game flow has Sonic explore large areas for challenges.

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The funny thing about Classic Sonic is that he doesn’t look that different from Modern Sonic. Both of them are blue, have the same quills, gloves, and iconic red shoes. They have some differences in height and eye color, but really the changes aren’t too drastic.

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On top of this, much of the level design in Sonic ‘06 feels like a succession to Sonic Adventure 2, where Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog can clearly be felt as designed by someone else. The levels of Sonic ‘06 are more grounded in place and create more dynamic setpieces for the characters to go through than just multiple loops and grind rails placed throughout the map. Considering that remains the last multi-character Sonic game, it feels like the final entry in the Sonic Adventure franchise that we never got. Throughout Sonic ‘06 there are a lot of problems that cause players frustration due to buggy interactions caused by strange level design. The Anniversary Mode gives Sonic the drop dash ability from Sonic Mania, allowing players to initiate a spin dash in the air. This lets you keep the momentum going through stages and helps make the experience feel fresh if you’ve already played the classic games multiple times.